Wellbeing and Transition Hub (Formerly FLO)

At ԰AV, we understand that for students who, for a variety of reasons have not been engaging fully in their education for some time, it can be quite a daunting task to engage in SACE subjects and even know where to start to fill the gaps in their learning.  There are many reasons that students may require a more individualised approach to learning and the Wellbeing and Transition Hub was created to serve the needs of those students. 

 This hub was developed to identify students’ strengths and interests and then assess what skills they need in order to be able achieve their desired goals.  Staff would then support the student to map out a SACE or Transition pathway plan that allows the student to learn in a way that is appropriate, and tailor made for their personality and learning style.  This plan would support them in a clear path forward into further education or employment.

 The Hub offers a suite of programs that are designed to support students to achieve a meaningful education or employment pathway well beyond their decision to re-engage.   

 The Wellbeing and Transition Hub comprises of  a skilled multidisciplinary team that has qualified educators, case managers, Support staff and industry specialists to support their holistic journey of preparedness for life after school.

For more information, contact our Wellbeing and Transition Hub on 8552 9561, or our Student Services team on 8551 1900 (select Option 1), or email