Special Interest Programs


Term 1 - Students go snorkelling to study the marine environment and get up close and personal with a wide variety of sea creatures.

Term 2 - Students study the ecological factors that make up the marine environment and build a marine aquarium and fill it with local marine plants and animals.

Term 3 - Students learn about the Southern Right Whales that visit Victor Harbor in the winter then study a local marine animal in detail including tracking local dolphins and counting seals on the offshore islands in Encounter Bay.

Term 4 – Theory and students obtain their boat licence

Students can enter the Marine Studies course in Term 1, 2 & 3 only. Preference is given to Year 12 students. 


Term 1 – Students learn first aid skills and surf survival self-rescue skills as they work towards their Bronze Medallion, the minimum standard for a qualified lifesaver.

Term 2 & 3 – Surfing, mountain biking, bushwalking

Term 4 – Sailing

Students can enter the Sport & Recreation Aquatics course in Term 1 & 4 only.

Outdoor Education:

Students study the environment and conservation, planning and implementation of outdoor activities and lightweight journeys, first aid skills, and outdoor activity skills such as bushwalking, kayaking, cycling, sailing, fishing and surfing.

Term 1 – Aquatics – sailboarding, surfing and kayaking

Term 2 – Bushwalking camp, mountain biking and fishing

Term 3 – Aquatics – sailboarding, surfing and kayaking

Term 4 – Bushwalking camp, mountain biking and fishing

Students can enter the Outdoor Education course in Terms 1 & 3 only.

Food & Hospitality:

Student learn hygienic work practices for food safety, how to use food preparation equipment and to operate a baking process, they prepare simple dishes and learn how to work effectively with others.


Please note there are limited spaces available in special interest programs. They may also incur additional fees to be paid directly to the school that are not included in the Regional Study Abroad Program fees.