Introduction to ԰AV

It is a privilege to work with staff, students, and families at ԰AV, where our mission is to facilitate learning; enabling our young people to grow and develop, becoming ready to embrace the challenges and rewards of adult life. 

Our vision is that our students will leave us as proficient writers and speakers, great leaders when they can be, good followers when they should be, creative no matter their field, and positive team members when required. As global citizens they are aware that their behaviour makes a difference, and above all they are generous of spirit.

The vision is supported by Four Pillars of Learning, the school values and six workplace/learning competencies.

VHHS_Learning Infographics_4 pillars.jpg

Creative, adaptable timetabling that enables students to individually access a wide range of subjects in line with their passions and interests is a strong feature of the school. The transition of year 7 students at the start of this year set our enrolment within the mid-800s. Student transience is usually around 14% with a greater number of enrolments in than out of our site, with many of these being from interstate, local private schools, and intrastate. At the same time, staff turn-over is minimal and characterised by a group of teachers who are open to change, are caring and welcoming in nature.

A broad range of extra-curricular activities where students can extend their skills and connect with other like-minded students are available both as subject curriculum and as extra-curricular activities. These pursuits enable our students to belong and connect to others in a healthy environment. The Specialist Sports and Specialist Arts programs are accessed through application only, and are producing strong student outcomes. Many examples of these highlights can be found on the school’s website, Facebook and in the annual VHHS year book.

Just as we all have differing interests, we all learn in differing ways. Here at ԰AV we appreciate the opportunity to play a part in educating your children. We believe that no two students are the same, and therefore, no two school tours should be the same either. The relationship between home and school is vital in any student’s success and we welcome families with open arms to view our school in a personalised, intimate setting. By offering personalised school tours to new families at a time that best suits you, we hope to create stronger relationships within our community and better understand how we might be able to tailor your child’s learning pathway to their needs. Please don’t hesitate to call us on (08) 8551 1900 to arrange your school tour.

Adrienne Conley – Principal