Our School understands and values the importance for our staff and students to be able to access and use learning resources online and remain connected. Our IT Support Office is open during school hours to assist our staff, students and the School Community with their onsite computing needs.

In this ever-changing world staff and students may be required to work away from the school and continue to have online access to their learning material and studies.

Please note that due to privacy and security restrictions we will only process student password reset requests via known email addresses (i.e. Edpass “schools.sa.edu.au” email addresses) or where the identify of the student requesting the password reset has been confirmed. Teaching staff contacting us on behalf of students via their Learnlink email is the preferred method of communication.

When requesting assistance via the IT Support email please specify the nature of the issue. The more relevant information that you can provide will enable IT staff to diagnose your issue faster. Please leave a return telephone number (where appropriate) in case our IT staff need to contact you for more information or clarification. We will normally respond to support requests via email within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

Click here to contact our VHHS IT Support Team email.